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Charged with Forging Prescriptions? Here's What You Need to Know

Forged prescriptions are illegal methods individuals use to access controlled substances and legal narcotics. Of course, only qualified medical practitioners can write prescriptions for medications, including narcotics. For anyone else, writing a prescription is an act of forgery. Forging or writing false prescriptions is a serious, drug-related offense that carries severe consequences. Even the possession of a manufactured or forged prescription pad is considered a crime and is subject to legal action. Thus, if you’re caught with a forged prescription, you’ll need immediate and effective legal representation. Learn more about this serious crime and how an experienced defense team can help below.


Defining Prescription Forgery

Prescription forgery is defined as using a copied and/or handwritten copy of a prescription to obtain controlled substances or narcotics from a legitimate pharmacy. It’s the most common way to obtain medication illegally. Penalties related to this crime are based on the usage of the forged prescription, not on any intent to use or sell drugs. In other words, what you do with the drugs matters less than the fact that they were illegally obtained. However, acquiring prescription drugs to sell or distribute may present a separate, and potentially more serious, set of charges. There are several different crimes which can be classified as prescription forgery, including:

·         Writing your own prescription on a blank prescription pad, either manufactured or legitimate

·         Forging a physician’s signature on an existing or past prescription

·         Photocopying or rewriting a legitimate prescription

·         Increasing the quantity of a medication on a legitimate prescription


Pharmacists and law enforcement officers are trained to look out for forged prescriptions for certain medications, including:

·         Valium

·         Adderall

·         Xanax

·         Percocet

·         Muscle Relaxers

·         Vicodin

If you have prescriptions for any of these medications, be cautious and keep your scripts well-protected.  If you’re accused of forging a prescription for any of these medications, you may face some serious penalties.


Penalties for Prescription Forgery

The penalty for prescription forgery depends on the level or type of forgery committed, the intent to defraud, and the possession and use of the forged materials. Committing fraud is considered a serious offence that could result in incarceration. if you’re  charged with prescription forgery, it’s critically important to hire an experienced lawyer, who will work hard to protect your rights. For more information, call us today.