R. Kent Haryett

R. Kent Haryett is a professional criminal lawyer who is a firm believer in the presumption of innocence and he has over 20 years’ experience defending people charged with criminal offences. At Haryett & Company, Kent works hard to protect individuals from losing their freedoms and rights in an often uncaring and debilitating criminal system.

Kent is excellent at reading the situation to determine what is required to achieve the best results for you. His client-focused approach means that he will listen to your needs and aim to achieve the best result that fits within your interests and the law. An experienced negotiator, Kent’s philosophy incorporates the firm belief that the best results are achieved out of court, through firm and artful discussions with Crown Prosecutor’s and witnesses. Up front and direct, he is able to act as your guide through the often confusing process. Kent is thorough and diligent, and will talk to you in a language you understand, offering professional and knowledgeable choices after a meticulous review of your case. He diligently keeps current on the ever changing developments in criminal law so that he can best serve his clients. While based in his hometown of Edmonton, Alberta, Kent has travelled all over Western Canada representing individuals at all levels of Court.

Kent gives seminars to other criminal lawyers, teaching them the insights he’s gained by pushing the boundaries of the law. Kent is also deeply committed to the legal process and the interests of justice through his contributions to the Legal Aid system, his continuous commitment to the articling process and young lawyers, and his advice and interactions with members of the University of Alberta’s Student Legal Services. Kent also annually contributes his time and expertise to the Western Canada Trial Moot, helping to judge practice rounds and pick and coach the University of Alberta contingent. His tireless efforts have repeatedly demonstrated a deep commitment and contribution to the legal system, while continuously striving to assist individuals with negotiating what can be an incredibly confusing and scary process.

Kent has travelled extensively, enjoying exotic places, fine wines, and new experiences. His worldly perspective and experience allows him to approach the practice of criminal law with understanding and acceptance. He has developed a firm of young and talented lawyers who are creative, diligent, ethical, and above all, professional, having learned these skills through careful education from their principle, Kent Haryett. Contacting Kent and his firm is the first step in protecting yourself, and your interests. Offering a free initial consultation, Kent and his team are willing to discuss your matter and plan your next step.


Allison Crumpton

Allison Crumpton joined Haryett & Company in 2015 while studying law at the University of Alberta. She articled with Kent Haryett in 2016-2017 before being called to the Bar in 2017. Allison practices in criminal law as well as wills and estates.

Born and raised in Edmonton, Allison completed a Bachelor of Science with Specialization in Psychology at the University of Alberta and graduated in 2010. Following graduation, she continued at the University of Alberta to study Business, majoring in Accounting. She transferred programs in 2013 following her acceptance into the University of Alberta law school. Allison graduated with her law degree in 2016. While focusing on advocacy and criminal law, she also took a variety of courses relating to civil matters, family law and wills and estates.

Allison volunteered extensively with Student Legal Services in both the criminal law project and the civil law project during her 3 years at law school. She worked full time for the SLS criminal law project during the summers of 2014 and 2015, representing numerous low-income individuals who were facing criminal charges. In her second and third years of law school, Allison served as a day leader with SLS and supervised 8-10 volunteers per year. She gained invaluable practical experience working for SLS and articling for Kent Haryett. 

Allison understands the important role she plays in assisting individuals who are facing criminal charges and is grateful to be in a position to advocate for her clients and guide them through the criminal law process. Following graduation she cultivated her interest in wills and estates. She enjoys meeting people in circumstances where she can provide some peace of mind that their estate and personal affairs will be taken care of for their loved ones. Allison is pleased to represent clients across Alberta. Schedule a consultation with Allison today to get dedicated legal representation.