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Traffic Violations: Types of Offences & Why You Should Take Them Seriously

Many people assume traffic violations or infractions are not a big deal. In some cases, you pay the fine and that's the end of the process. In other cases, however, such as if you were to ignore the infractions, minor violations could one day lead to big consequences. Pay attention to every infraction you receive. If you don’t, you could lose your license or personal freedom, at least for a period of time. Educate yourself on the many possible traffic violations and their related penalties, and know who to call if and when you require the help of an experienced lawyer.  

Types of Traffic Violations

In Canada, there are many types of traffic violations. These violations can lead to minor, major, serious or criminal convictions. A conviction could adversely affect your driving record, but an experienced criminal defence lawyer from Haryett & Company could help prevent this from happening. The most common offenses and convictions, include:

·         Careless driving

·         Dangerous driving

·         Impaired driving

·         Abrupt lane changes

·         Excessive speeding

·         Stunt driving

·         Highway offenses

·         Driving while prohibited or unauthorized

·         Criminal negligence or causing an accident that results in serious injury or death

·         Driving over .08 Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC)

Although the above violations are the most common, the list of possible traffic infractions is extensive. Every violation can be placed into one of three categories: minor, major or serious and criminal violations.

Common Minor Violations:

·         Improper braking or non-working brakes

·         Failing to signal

·         Failing to use a seatbelt

·         Speeding

·         Failing to yield to another vehicle or pedestrian

·         Traffic light or stop sign infractions

·         Failing to produce or carry an insurance card

·         Unsafe or prohibited turns


Common Major Violations:

·         Failing to stop or follow restrictions in an improper passing or school zone

·         Improper passing in front of a school bus

·         Speeding in a construction zone or school zone

·         Failing to produce valid proof of insurance, registration, or license

·         Operating a motor vehicle without insurance

·         Careless driving

·         Leaving the scene of an accident

·         Stunt driving

·         Driving 50 km over the posted or set speed limit

Serious and Criminal Violations:

·         Dangerous driving

·         Criminal negligence or causing an accident that results in serious injury or death (vehicular manslaughter)

·         Failing to obey law enforcement officers

·         Leaving the scene of an accident with the intention to escape civil or criminal liability

·         Street racing

·         Driving impaired with a BAC above 0.08 or above the legal limit for other substances

·         Refusing a Breathalyzer Test

Penalties for Traffic Violations

Even seemingly minor tickets can add up and lead to serious consequences. In Alberta, you might receive demerit points with a traffic related conviction. You are permitted to accumulate 15 points, at which point your license may be suspended or even revoked.  

For minor violation convictions, you will also face small or moderate fines. On the other hand, major, serious or criminal offences almost always involve moderate or large fines, court costs and other fees.

If you have questions about traffic violations and require the guidance of an experienced criminal defence lawyer, please call us.