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What Are the Laws for Credit Card Fraud in Edmonton, Alberta?

What Is Credit Card Fraud?

Credit card fraud is any act involving the illegal use of a credit card or similar payment method to obtain funds, goods, or services fraudulently. Simply put, it is the unauthorized use of another person’s credit card, or card information, to make purchases or access funds.

An example of credit card fraud is when an identity thief lures the victim to a fraudulent website to collect card information and use it to make purchases. Discover more about what this crime entails below.

Types of Credit Card Fraud

There are many different types of credit card fraud. These can include:

•    Obtaining credit cards or card numbers illegally through the mail

•    Using lost or stolen credit cards

•    Using counterfeit credit cards

•    Accessing another person’s account using their account numbers and personal identification numbers (PINS)

•    Obtaining equipment or instruments used to carry out fraud 

Consequences of Credit Card Fraud

A credit card fraud conviction may carry an extended prison sentence along with expensive fines, court costs, and legal fees. Additionally, your personal reputation, employment opportunities, and freedom are all compromised when you commit credit card fraud. If you have been accused of this crime or are being investigated, it’s imperative that you call a lawyer immediately. 

Frauds of cash value that are $5,000 or less carry a lighter sentence than those involving a cash value greater than that amount. The level of sophistication of the criminal act can directly influence the penalty. For this reason, it’s critical to have the best criminal defence lawyer Edmonton offers, particularly one who specializes in credit card fraud, bank fraud, and identity theft.

Identity Theft vs. Credit Card Fraud

Credit card fraud can be a consequence of identity theft, although the latter is much more complex. However, it’s not always related to identity theft. The crime is only considered identity theft when an individual’s name and other personal information, along with their bank number, is used by another person. In some instances, a prosecutor may be able to prove that credit card fraud is just a part of the larger identity theft scheme. In either case, it is crucial to get help from an experienced defence lawyer specializing in these types of fraud and theft crimes. 

The Importance of Working With an Experienced Credit Card Fraud Lawyer 

Credit card fraud is a serious crime with the potential for severe legal and financial consequences. If you have been accused of, or charged with credit card fraud, you need a determined and experienced criminal defence lawyer. The leading criminal lawyers in Alberta will plan a strategic defence on your behalf to help minimize your sentence to the greatest degree possible.

Credit card and bank card data theft cases are typically complex with extensive documentation and hard evidence. The courts often take a zero-tolerance approach to discourage others from attempting these schemes. Because the prosecutor aims to make an example out of those accused of credit card fraud, you’ll need the expertise of an experienced lawyer. Your lawyer must have strong knowledge of credit card fraud so that they can navigate through the legal process and explore various defence avenues.

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