What You Need to Know About Online Sex Offenses and an Internet Sex Crime Charge

Crimes like child pornography and using the internet to initiate sexual contact with a minor are some of the most prevalent online sex offenses. If you’re charged with an internet sex crime, you could face harsh penalties. An experienced defence lawyer from Haryett & Company will fight to protect you from harsh punishments and false accusations. Below are a few things you will need to know about online sex offenses:

Types of Internet Sex Crimes

Engaging in inappropriate or illegal sexual activity online could lead to a sex offense charge. Choosing to act in an inappropriate or neglectful manor can leave you vulnerable to serious accusations. The most common internet sex crimes are:

·         Transmitting or exchanging lewd or obscene materials via email (e.g. child pornography, non-consensual intimate images, etc.)

·         Viewing or downloading child pornography

·         Sex Tourism – taking a vacation with the sole purpose of engaging in sexual activities that are illegal in Canada, but legal in the country you’re visiting

·         Online solicitation of sex with a minor or using the internet to facilitate a sexual offense against a minor

·         Arranging a sexual encounter(s) with a minor or child luring

Online Sex Offense Laws

It’s a crime to commit sexual abuse, sexual assault or to engage in any sexual contact with a minor under the age of 16 (the age of consent). Additionally, it’s illegal to engage in a sexual act with a minor who is more than five years younger than you. These laws extend to the internet with a few adjustments. For example, the online laws extend to the transmission of graphic intimate images or sexual conversations with minors via emails, texts, instant messages and other forms of online communication. The possession, distribution or production of child pornography are also included in these laws.

It’s also illegal to use the internet to lure or attempt to lure a child for the purpose of committing a sexual act. Enticement of any type is considered a crime. However, using the internet with the intent to commit a crime must be proven, and this is why it's important for you to seek the help of some of the most experienced criminal lawyers Edmonton offers. If you’re accused of committing an internet sex crime, contact the defence lawyers at Haryett & Company immediately.

Penalties for Online Sex Offenses

If you’re accused of an online sex offense, it’s paramount to understand what constitutes this type of crime and what the penalties are for a conviction. Because of the stigma, even the accusation of a sex crime can be life altering; an internet sex crime charge could cause you to lose your job, your friends or family, your partner and more. The legal consequences of a sex crime conviction can be even more devastating. These consequences or penalties, may include:

·         Mandatory minimum prison sentences

·         Mandatory sex offender registration  

·         Compliance with a prohibition order or an order that prohibits contact with any persons under the age of 16. This includes visiting or living near public parks, schools, etc.

·         Forfeiture of your property


If you've been accused of committing an internet sex crime, don't delay. Contact our office immediately for more information on securing the expert legal advice you will need.