Impaired Driving that Causes Serious Injury or Death

An impaired driving charge can significantly affect your daily life in a wide variety of ways, but when you're charged with impaired driving causing serious injury or death, the consequences can be much more severe.

Impaired driving, also known as a DUI or driving under the influence, can result in injury or death when the driver causes an accident with another car, hits a pedestrian, or is involved in an accident that causes harm to individuals inside and/or outside the car.

Impaired Driving in Edmonton

In Edmonton, and throughout Canada, impaired driving charges can be laid if a person gets behind the wheel with a blood alcohol level of 0.08 or higher. When you’re arrested for impaired driving causing serious injury or death, you will receive harsher penalties than someone who has just been arrested for driving while impaired. These are some of the potential penalties that can arise from an impaired driving charge:

            Loss of License

As a result of the combination of the Criminal Code of Canada and Alberta Legislation, your ability to operate a motor vehicle is suspended at the roadside immediately. This can affect your everyday life, making it harder to perform daily tasks and even get to work. In some cases, an impaired driving charge can result in job loss. The duration of the suspension will depend upon the severity of the crime; impaired driving causing injury can result in a 10 year suspension, while impaired driving causing death can lead to permanent suspension. 

            Prison Sentence

Impaired driving offences that result in injury or death can carry lengthy prison sentences. When impaired driving causes bodily harm, you may receive up to 10 years in prison, while impaired driving causing death can lead to life imprisonment. Canadian courts have determined that a six (6) year period of imprisonment is appropriate for a first-time offender convicted of impaired driving causing death,

            Criminal Record

You will have a permanent criminal record. This could affect prospective jobs and travel.


If someone is injured or killed, you may be sued. People injured in an accident in which   you were driving impaired may try to sue you for medical bills or even loss of income if       they're unable to work as a result of their injuries. If a person dies in an accident in which you were driving impaired, their family may sue you for funeral costs along with pain and suffering.

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