An Experienced DUI Lawyer is Even More Important When You've Had Multiple DUI Charges

Driving under the influence or impairment (DUI) can be devastating in many ways. Not only is it dangerous to everyone on the road, it’s rife with serious consequences. DUI charges carry severe penalties, including license suspension, large fines, and possible jail time. The severity of these penalties is magnified in cases where there have been multiple DUIs. Not only do multiple DUIs put you at risk of receiving the harshest penalties, but it can also make your case more sensitive and complicated. If you have multiple DUI charges, you should only be represented by an experienced DUI or impairment lawyer.

General Penalties for DUI Charges

Although every DUI case is different, there are some general penalty guidelines. These guidelines are as follows:

  • First DUI offence: Mandatory minimum one-year license suspension, fines, and/or up to two years of jail time

  • Second DUI offence: Mandatory minimum two-year license suspension, 30 days of jail time, and a possibility of up to two years of jail time

  • Third DUI and beyond: Mandatory minimum three-year license suspension, , four months of jail time and a possibility of up to two years of jail time

Please note that an offender with multiple related convictions may face more serious consequences to his or her driving privileges and a lengthier maximum sentence of incarceration. Also, the above guidelines do not apply in the event of an alcohol related accident involving bodily harm or death.

These penalties may seem harsh or even frightening, but they don’t apply in every case – they’re simply basic guidelines, and they vary depending upon the severity and details of your case. Moreover, the most experienced DUI or impaired lawyers Edmonton has to offer, like the lawyers at Haryett & Company, will work to ensure you receive the lowest penalty possible.

Advantages of Hiring an Experienced DUI Lawyer in Multiple DUI Circumstances

If you have past DUIs and new related charges, hiring an experienced impairment lawyer is your best option. An experienced lawyer offers several advantages. First, he/she will know the legal standards, procedures, and rules associated with DUI cases. They will also be able to identify any falsehoods or errors in your case, especially those related to sobriety or breath tests and blood draws. This ability often coincides with specialized knowledge of substance-detection technology and DUI laws. Experienced lawyers also take immediate action, as they know which legal forms, motions, etc. to file. Plus, the more experience your lawyer has, the faster your case moves along and, often, the lesser the sentence you receive. In some cases, your lawyer may even be able to have the case dismissed.

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Shannon Routley