The Importance of Hiring a Proven DUI Lawyer

Intoxicated drivers can be a danger to themselves and anyone else on the road. And driving while intoxicated often comes with serious consequences. For many, one of the most serious consequences is being arrested and charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI). If you’re charged with a DUI, whether by alcohol or drug, your license will be suspended or revoked, you could be subject to a criminal record, large fines, possible jail time, and a significant and long-term increase in insurance premiums. Seeking the help of an experienced lawyer, however, can help reduce the seriousness of a DUI charge. Here's how:

The Best Personal Representation

To save time and money, some people simply hand their cases over to a legal aid lawyer or the first lawyer they find. To secure the best legal representation possible, however, you should only look for DUI lawyers with proven track records. And, while it may seem okay to simply hire a lawyer who specializes in DUI cases, it could be a mistake to choose a law firm without a high success rate. Similarly, while a legal aid lawyer may have experience with many DUI cases, they may not have a high win rate or expertise in this area. Furthermore, legal aid lawyers are often stretched thin from being assigned too many cases at once, and this makes these types of lawyers unable to provide personalized representation. For experience, success, and quality representation, contact Haryett & Company.

Offer Specialized Knowledge

DUI lawyers with significant experience and successful cases offer extensive knowledge of DUI laws and have an understanding of the effects of alcohol or drug consumption on the human physiology and the way alcohol or drug testing instruments work, their reliability and their shortcomings. This knowledge can be applied to your case and used to educate you on this legal process. An experienced lawyer can also explain how the judge will view your case and apply the admissible evidence to the law. Plus, legal expertise can save time and money, as your lawyer won’t need to learn the nuances of the process related to DUI cases. Mistakes and unnecessary court appearances can also be avoided during the legal process. Furthermore, considerable legal knowledge can help ensure you’re properly prepared for each court appearance and more.

Returns Your Life to Normal, Faster

A DUI charge can upend a normal life, causing legal, personal, career, financial, and (in some cases) emotional challenges. Facing serious legal consequences can be stressful and frightening, whether it’s potentially losing your license, paying a fine, or (especially) going to jail. But, fortunately, a proven DUI lawyer has the knowledge and the expertise to help put your life back on track quickly. They’ll put your legal defence together properly and efficiently. An experienced defence lawyer will provide a strategy to maximize the likelihood of success at trial.

When they need a proven DUI lawyer, Edmonton men and women call Haryett & Company. We'll provide the experience and personalized representation you need to receive the best possible outcome.