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Fraud, Theft, And Financial Crimes

If you or someone in your organization has been arrested and charged with fraud, theft, tax evasion or other “white-collar” crime, it is critical that you retain a law firm who has the track record along with the resources to give you a proper defence. At the Law Offices of R. Kent Haryett and Company we are fully committed to our corporate clients who may have been charged with any of the following:

  • Tax evasion charges

  • Breach of trust charges

  • Conspiracy charges

  • Smuggling charges

  • Receiving proceeds of a crime charges

  • Money laundering charges

  • Counterfeit documents charges

  • Internet crimes charges

  • Forgery

  • Corporate misconduct

  • Fraud charges - securities law violations, insider trading, criminal tax fraud, etc.

  • other business-related offences

The ramifications towards a company or organization can be severe and detrimental to shareholders, employers and other stakeholders. Furthermore, penalties and consequences can be costly to individuals and may even result in jail sentences. When deciding on a white-collar criminal and fraud lawyer, Edmonton and area is served by Haryett & Company who understand that sometimes companies can be falsely accused, act inappropriately, or make errors. We expertly and aggressively fight for our clients so they are not forced to take the blame for white collar crimes.


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White Collar Financial Crimes Defence

The financial crimes defence team at Haryett and Co. has the discipline and experience to expertly defend breach of trust and financial fraud charges related to Competition & Securities Acts violations. Our fraud defence lawyers are up-to-date with this area of the Canadian criminal code and its ramifications. Over the years, our firms has developed strong relationships with market consultants, forensic accountants, actuaries and tax specialists who can provide subject matter expertise and testimony.

Breach of trust and financial fraud charges are often brought up when business and corporate dealings deteriorate into a criminal investigation. Often, shareholders and creditors will make allegations of unlawful diversion of corporate assets. The shareholders and creditors will then seek intervention that can bring criminal liability into consideration. Due to the fact that many parties are often involved and due to the complexity of the charges and the length of the investigation, it is imperative that you seek the guidance of a criminal defence firm that has the experience of Haryett and Co. We will leave no stone unturned and will investigate your complex issue by following the paper trail and relying on our expert’s advice.

Fraud And Identity Theft Charges Defence

Fraud charges involve an offender who is accused of defrauding a person or the public of any service, money, property or valuable security. The offence of fraud will either be charged as less than $5,000 or greater than $5,000. At Haryett and Co. our fraud lawyer (Edmonton and surrounding area service) looks to undermine the prosecution’s case because they have to prove that the accused offender had knowledge of the prohibited act and that the act could result in the deprivation of another person or entity. The charge of identity theft relates to the criminal use of another’s identity for fraudulent purposes. Because the charges can often be difficult for the Crown to prove, the lawyers at Haryett & Co. are prepared to handle your defence in the following areas of fraud:

  • Credit card fraud

  • Internet fraud

  • Insurance fraud

  • Mortgage fraud

  • Tax fraud

  • Bank fraud

  • Identity fraud

  • Computer fraud

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Fraud, theft and financial crimes can lead to serious penalties if you are convicted. If you have been accused of a financial crime or credit card fraud, internet fraud, insurance fraud, mortgage fraud, tax fraud, bank fraud, identity fraud or computer fraud, it is imperative that you retain the service of a legal defence team that has the expertise and the knowledge to competently defend you. Contact Haryett and Co. and we will get to work on your behalf immediately.