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Everybody makes errors once in a while, including people who may have had a little too much to drink and the police officers who make DWI arrests and impaired driving arrests.  There is so much to lose when you or someone you know is arrested and charged with driving impaired. Being represented by a DUI lawyer who knows the system and can give you the best chance of your drunk driving arrest and impaired driving charges getting dismissed or reduced is absolutely crucial. The Edmonton impaired driving defence team at the Law Offices of R. Kent Haryett & Company have established a reputation as one of the premier law offices that can help their clients continue their normal, everyday life after DUI arrests.

Impaired driving charges occur when a police officer suspects that a substance, chemical or condition is impairing a driver’s ability to operate a motor vehicle safely. The majority of impaired driving arrests involve drinking and driving. It is becoming more and more common for these arrests to occur because an arresting officer suspects that the accused driver is under the influence of illegal drugs or even legal prescription medications. When looking for one of the top impaired driving lawyers, Edmonton has Haryett & Co. who is well recognized for successfully and aggressively defending impaired driving charges because we employ the following approaches:

  • Challenging the legality of the traffic stop

  • Questioning the methods of determining sobriety

  • Cross-examining witness testimony and challenging the police investigation

  • Utilizing expert toxicologist testimony to undermine the Crown’s evidence

  • Employing challenges to laws, codes, statutes and legislation







Losing Your License Would Be Devastating

Should you be charged with Impaired Driving, an Over 80 offence, or Failure or refusal to comply with demand, it could have a major impact on your life, career and relationships. It is essential that you choose a DUI lawyer that has demonstrated a history of success in with the Alberta justice system. A person can have their driving license revoked or suspended if they convicted of an Impaired Driving offence. The range of reprimands and consequences from an DUI or drunk driving related accident can include:

  • A life-long criminal record

  • Loss of work and Career opportunities

  • Forfeiture of License

  • Reduced ability to care for children

  • Enforced Treatment Programs, DUI Classes

  • Elevation of auto insurance premiums

  • Risk to immigration status

  • Impaired Driving Laws & DUI Charges Are Not Set In Stone

Drunk driving law states that it is illegal to operate a motor vehicle, while having the care or control over that vehicle, while one’s ability to operate that vehicle is impaired by alcohol. DWI laws also state that, if you are taken into custody on suspicion that you are driving drunk, that a qualified technician will take samples of the accused driver’s breath into a breathalyzer device known as the Intoxylizer 5000C. The test is given to determine how many milligrams of alcohol exists per 100 milliliters of blood. DUI laws state that the charge of “over .08”, or “over 80”, is normally added if the driver’s breathalyzer sample registers over the legal limit of .08.  The charge of refusal results when the operator of the motor vehicle refuses to either provide a sample of their breath into the intoxylizer  device at the police station or into a certified breath screening apparatus at the roadside.

As the potential for error is very high during DUI investigations and testing, our objective is get as much of the submitted evidence from the prosecution rejected. Impaired Driving, Over 80 and Refusal to comply offences are highly involved, requiring officers and investigators to adhere to strict procedures. Even when an investigation is conducted correctly, issue may still be found with roading screening equipment and breath machines. In certain situations the equipment may display measurements that may be inaccurate. Our DUI defence team at Haryett & Co. are very qualified in examining the evidence and scrutinizing errors so that as much evidence as possible is excluded from the police investigation and the prosecution’s case against you.

Located in Edmonton, impaired lawyers can assist your with your defence

If you or someone you know is facing drunk driving accident related charges or an impaired driving arrest, you should know all of your options, from both sides of the law. Call the Law Offices of Haryett and Company today to schedule a free consultation to discuss your best options for defending your drunk driving charge or impaired driving arrest.