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We are experienced criminal lawyers, Edmonton based, with expertise towards motor vehicle criminal charges & DUI.

You can trust your criminal matter to R. Kent Haryett and Company because we have over 20 years of valuable experience working in the criminal courts of Alberta. When so much is at stake in keeping your record clear, it is critical that you hire a law firm that intimately knows the system of criminal defence and prosecution. The criminal defence team at Haryett & Co. will fight aggressively for you and skillfully show the courts that not all people who make mistakes are criminals.

The difference between winning and losing your criminal case in court depends on the abilities of your lawyer, Edmonton legal connections and how well your firm understands the system. At the Law Offices of R. Kent Haryett & Company, we know how terribly stressful and humiliating life can be after you are arrested and charged with a crime. Because we have so closely worked with clients for over 20 years, we know that it can feel like everyone is turning their back on you. For this reason, our successful criminal defense team makes it our #1 goal to attend to your every need so you can be at peace and begin to move your life forward.


Your DUI Lawyer Edmonton

To obtain the best outcome for a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) and impaired driving charges, it takes a legal team that has the right experience in such cases. Get the proper representation required.

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We understand our clients. In some cases, we are the only people available to help them. That’s what we are here for.
— R. Kent Haryett, Haryett & Company