When choosing the best DUI Lawyer, Edmonton has few legal teams who are as experienced in this area as Haryett & Co.

Nobody is perfect, everybody makes errors once in a while, including people who may have had a little too much to drink and the police officers who make DWI arrests.  There is so much to lose when you or someone you know is arrested and charged with driving impaired. Being represented by a DUI lawyer who knows the system and can give you the best chance of your drunk driving arrest charges getting dismissed or reduced is absolutely crucial. When selecting a dui lawyer, Edmonton and area clients have retained our counsel so that they may continue their normal, everyday life after arrest.

Losing Your License Would Be Devastating

Should a family member, friend, or yourself be arrested and charged with Impaired Driving under the influence of drugs, alcohol or cannabis it can result is serious litigation and life consequences. It is imperative that you choose the best DUI lawyer Edmonton has to offer who have a recognized track record of successfully defending their clients in Alberta courts. If an individual loses their licences or is implicated in other offences due to impaired driving, they could see that their life is impacted severely. Some of the penalties resulting from a DUI conviction:

  • Dealing with consequences of a criminal record

  • Loss of employment and career opportunities

  • Revoking your drivers license

  • Reduced ability to care for loved ones and children during incarceration and remedial programs

  • Compulsive attendance of treatment programs and DUI classes

  • DUI car insurance increases

  • Immigration challenges


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Impaired Driving Laws & Dui Charges Are Not Set In Stone

Drunk driving law states that it is illegal to operate a motor vehicle, while having the care or control over that vehicle, while one’s ability to operate that vehicle is impaired by alcohol. DWI laws also state that, if you are taken into custody on suspicion that you are driving drunk, that a qualified technician will take samples of the accused driver’s breath into a breathalyzer device known as the Intoxylizer 5000C. The test is given to determine how many milligrams of alcohol is present per 100 milliliters of blood. DUI laws state that the charge of “over .08”, or “over 80”, is normally added if the driver’s breathalyzer sample registers over the legal limit of .08.  The charge of refusal results when the operator of the motor vehicle refuses to either provide a sample of their breath into the Intoxylizer device at the police station or into a certified breath screening apparatus at the roadside. When choosing a drunk driving lawyer, Edmonton has a number of options, but few have our track record of success.

During police investigation it is possible that errors or grievances can occur. Our approach is to find these faults and exclude as much evidence as possible that is put forward by the prosecution. Cases involving Impaired Driving, Over 80 and Refusal Causing Bodily Harm are highly involved and require that the offices and investigators involved adhere to strict rules and procedures. Even should an officer’s investigation have merit, there are many technical considerations involving breathalyzers and screening equipment that could be at fault or skew results. Haryett & Co. are qualified Edmonton dui attorneys who are able to examine the evidence and scrutinize errors so that as much evidence as possible is excluded from the police investigation and the prosecution’s case against you.

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